A Setback.

The meeting this past Thursday (11/30) to go over my MRI results did not go as I’d hoped. It looks like I have a new tumor.

The new tumor is not located in the same spot as the one that was removed back in July, but it is on the same side of my brain (right)…..Specifically, it’s located further back toward the back of my head (occipital lobe) compared to the old one.. By all accounts, this new tumor grew from non-existent to approx. the size of a grape over the course of 3.5 months. We’re currently at grape-sized and growing.

There are apparently a few options as far as what can be done….but if I had to guess at this point, I would say the most likely scenario is another brain surgery/tumor resection, followed by more radiation and then who-knows-what else. The neurosurgeon has not been apprised of this development yet, but we expect to hear from him at some point on Monday. Things could change once he weighs in.

Given the rapid tumor growth and the pending holiday season, I wouldn’t be surprised if surgery is indeed recommended/possible- that it would need to happen within the next 2 weeks. Waiting until January doesn’t seem likely.

That’s pretty much all I know at this point…We’re still trying to wrap our heads around this predicament. I will update here once a game plan comes together. It’s honestly all up in the air at the moment-so you know pretty much the same as I do as of now.